About PGK

Promiseland Global Kids Incorporated (PGK) is committed to creating quality edutainment (education & entertainment) products, programs and services.

PGK was founded in 2006 by Law Cunningham and a team of talented and caring individuals who specialize in music, media and early childhood development. Since day one the group has shared one common vision.

The PGK Vision

PGK’s vision is to create groundbreaking children's edutainment content that inspires children around the globe to desire knowledge.

Our goal is not only to provide children with quality education but to also instill in them a love of learning. For children, education and entertainment should be one inseparable whole. As children grow and develop so should their desire to learn.

PGK inspires young minds to seek knowledge and self-development. We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully assimilate core curriculum requirements in language skills, grammar, math and history into our educational platform. In addition to emphasizing academic skills our curriculum-enhancing lesson modules encourage children to explore their creative talents and develop the moral aspects of their characters.

We want to hear from you. Email feedback & suggestions to corporate@pgkclubhouse.com


Our Team & Contributors:

We are so grateful for everyone who graciously committed their time and talents to bring the vision of PGK and each project to life, including: Kuno Zabell, Rich Camacho, Armando R. Diaz, Natalie Santiago, Jaleel Grady, Khalil Johnson, Irene Hernandez, Gilena Johnson, Aasim Cunningham, Kahlil Cunningham, Sandra F. Dumas, Lawrence M. Green, Martin Steward, Cory Davis, Robert Simmons, Justice Cunningham, Power Lawrence-Cunningham, Sincere Ervin Cunningham, Promise Lawrence-Cunningham, Keisha Peaks, Milagros Cardona, Dev Agarwal, Jane Ladra,

and, additional thanks to:

Jasper T. Statham, Steve Carless, Gioya McRae, Joseph Campbell, Adelina Calderon, Alexandra Reed-Lopez, Anthony Andolino, Duane Phipps, Edna Lawrence, Harold Baker, Huran J. Baskerville, Justin Hall, Lajoel Howard, La-Tonya Miller-Lawrence, Millie Dominguez, Monique Camacho, Paul DeAngelo, Melvin Williams, Nancy Bartolo, Pastor William Statham, Robert Taranda, Rufus Morris Jr., Sandra Mcknight Statham, Subrena Mighty, Rhonda Cunningham, Fran Mateo, Rosemarie Gallucci, Tanisha Cunningham, The Diaz Family, Tori Ervin, Wayne Statham, Holsey Robbins, Jimmy Mauricio, Carletta Goldston, Corina Castro-Calderon, William Wilkinson, and Hilbert R. Lyman Jr.