Contestants can Win $1,000 in Cash
and $1,500 in Scholarships!

National Category Champions in PGK’s Global Talent Showcase will win a $1,000.00 cash prize and a $1,500.00 continuing education scholarship. All winners’ prizes are in addition to the opportunity for all contestants to establish individual 529 Education Scholarship Funds should they choose to do so.

Get Involved with PGK’S Global Talent Showcase!

We at Promiseland Global Kids/Law Global Enterprises extend to you an invitation to get involved in PGK’s Global Talent Showcase - a partnership between and the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund. We welcome parents and guardians, children and teen performers and creative artists, businesses and other sponsor organizations, schools and other recipient organizations, talent agencies and other advocates for artistic youth to participate in PGK’s Global Talent Showcase, Promiseland Global Kids’ first campaign in its first Performing and Creative Arts Community Engagement Initiative.

How it Works

PGK’s Global​ Talent Showcase - the U.S. Competition - is Promiseland Global Kids’ online talent showcase and competition for children aged 5 - 12 and teens aged 13 - 17 and is a service provided by LLC in partnership with the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund.

As the premier vehicle for PGK's Performing and Creative Arts Initiative and set partly within the framework of PGK's Sponsor-A-Child to Perform (SCP) Campaign, the Global Talent Showcase (GTS) is a safe, easily accessible platform wherein children and teens compete for education scholarships, cash prizes, and opportunities to be discovered and establish careers with PGK and other entertainment industry entities.

PGK’s Global Talent Showcase consists of eleven competitive categories, each of which has a duration of one year. The categories will be launched in one-month intervals with assigned Category Launch dates.

For the first nine months artistic performances and presentations will be open to judging from the following Judges Panels:

  • Online Popular Vote
  • PGK Entertainment Talent Scouts Panel
  • PGK Future Moguls Panel

Advanced judging which occurs during months ten through twelve is conducted by the following Judges Panels:

  • Law Global Executive Panel
  • PGK Directors/A&R Panel
  • Independent Industry Panel
  • Celebrity Panel

Parents, legal guardians, and legal representatives can register their children to compete in PGK's Global Talent Showcase for a one-time administrative fee of $39.99 by logging on to and going to the Global Talent Showcase page.

There's More!...Keep an Eye Out for Local PGK Global Talent Spotlights!

PGK Global Talent Spotlights are category-specific, single-day talent competitions co-promoted by PGK and local PGK Entertainment Talent Scouts where contestants can win cash prizes, establish continuing education scholarship funds, and by default receive same-day registrations - subject to parental consent - to compete in PGK’s Global Talent Showcase in their chosen categories. A judges panel in combination with realtime, online voting by spectators determines the winners.

These mini-concert precursors to the PGK Concert Promotions sales channel serve as additional avenues of discovery for children and teen performers and artists as well as promotional vehicles for PGK’s Global Talent Showcase. They feature guest appearances/performances by GTS contestants and PGK trademarked characters.